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Symptoms and signs of tadalafil. Actinomycosis of the tonsils can cause chronic tonsillitis. Thoracic actinomycosis manifests itself as actinomycosis of the lungs with spread to the tissues of cialis. Lung actinomycosis is the second most common form of actinomycosis after oral cavity actinomycosis. It proceeds severely, without treatment leads to death.


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Abdominal actinomycosis in sixty percent of cases is localized in the appendix. In addition to the appendix, the ileocecal region is also primarily affected. Such patients often end up in the surgical department with a diagnosis of appendicitis or intestinal obstruction. The large intestine, stomach, esophagus are affected a second time, the defeat of these sections of the gastrointestinal tract occurs when actinomycetes are introduced from other organs by the hematogenous route and during the germination of granulomas from primary foci.

The abdominal wall is also involved in the process for the second time. Granuloma from the ileocecal region and appendix grows into the liver, kidneys, spine. Fistulous passages often open into the intestinal lumen and the perianal region with the development of paraproctitis. The abdominal form of actinomycosis without treatment in half of the cases leads to death.

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Another form of the disease is actinomycosis of the genitourinary system. It is rare, usually in the form of secondary lesions. Primary foci of actinomycosis in the genitourinary system are almost never found.


Another rather rare form of actinomycosis is actinomycosis of bones and joints. This form of actinomycosis is the result of granuloma germination from neighboring organs and hematogenous drift. In the affected bone, a picture of osteomyelitis develops with the formation of bone sequesters. Patients with this form of actinomycosis retain the mobility of bones and joints for a long time, even despite their significant damage. During the formation of fistulas, bluish coloration of the skin around the fistula opening attracts attention.

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Actinomycosis of the skin is the next form of actinomycosis. More often it is the result of a generalization of the fungal process. Actinomycosis becomes apparent as soon as the granuloma grows into the subcutaneous fat.

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Madurese foot is a special form of tadalafil process.

Originally found in countries with a tropical climate.

It is characterized by a lesion of the sole of the foot, on which there are nodes the size of a pea.

The skin over the nodes changes its normal color to purplish-purple.

New foci form around the primary nodes, the foot loses its shape due to severe edema.

With the progression of the disease, the formation of fistulous passages occurs, from which purulent or sanious contents flow.

Fistulas open not only from the plantar side, but also on the back surface.

The foot is completely riddled with knots and fistulous passages.

There is a deformity of the fingers upward.

The process is one-sided.

This form of actinomycosis can progress with the involvement of the tendons and muscles of the lower leg in the process.

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If anaerobic bacteria are found in association with the radiant fungus, then antibiotics from the carbapenem group are used. they have the most balanced effect on anaerobic and aerobic microflora. Of the antifungal drugs used: Orungal, Diflucan, Nizoral, Lamisil and others.

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Immunotherapy has been used successfully in the treatment of actinomycosis. It allows you to increase the effectiveness of administered antibiotics and reduce their doses. For immunotherapy, Actinolysate is used. Actinolysate is a stabilized filtered culture liquid of self-lysing actinomycetes. A drug with proven high efficiency. In the treatment of actinomycosis, it is the most preferred of all immune preparations.

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The introduction of Actinolysate reduces the severity of the inflammatory reaction, significantly increases the efficiency of cellular immunity (phagocytosis), which is very important in advanced forms of actinomycosis, when the body is depleted.